About CREW:

CREW, Inc is a year round indoor sports facility with ice from June through February and indoor turf in March and April. Located in Morrisville, Vermont, CREW is a community oriented facility that is open to the public with programs and activities for all ages. CREW offers leagues, clinics,
camps and lessons in soccer, ice skating and hockey depending on the season.

Directions to CREW:

CREW is located at 704 Bridge Street in Morrisville, VT. The phone number
is 802-888-0166. A map can be found on www.arenamaps.com.  

From I-89: take exit 10 (Waterbury / Stowe) and get on Rt 100 N. Go 18 miles into Morrisville.

Go Left on Portland Street. Go Left on Bridge Street. Go mile to CREW on Right.

The History of

The following history is taken from an interview with Barb Farr, one of the founding board members of CREW. The interview was done by Jon Purcell, another board members son, for a high school writing project.

A History of CREW



1. Summarize the history of the CREW project from original idea all the way to its future plans.
This is a long answer but I will try to make it brief. I was the president of the Morristown Recreation Committee around 1996 and 1997. As you probably know, Morrisville has a small outdoor rink by the graded building. I was also the director of the Lamoille County Planning Commission that works on town planning and community development. One thing I kept hearing in Morrisville and around the county was that there needed to be more year round recreational opportunities. After discussing this need with a Rotary member and the former director of the Lamoille Economic Development Council, a meeting was organized to see if others in the county were interested in developing a recreational resource (as yet to be defined). That meeting was held in January of 1998. About 50 people came and expressed their ideas for future recreation needs. From that night 3 subcommittees were formed - Public Relations, Site Selection and Finance (or Fundraising). A survey was distributed at the March Town Meeting where over 1300 responses came back. The number 1 choice was for an indoor pool. #2 was ice rink, then soccer, track, fitness center, tennis courts, basketball courts, outdoor trails. There were a few key people involved in the organizational structure, so we decided to form a non-profit organization to be eligible for grants instead of being under the town of Morristown's recreation program. We adopted organizational bylaws, got incorporated, and founded CREW. The 3 founding members were John Connell, Eddie Gale and myself. After that we received a $10,000 donation to conduct a feasibility study. The study reported that the larger community (county) could not support financially both a pool and a rink. At the same time the Swimming Hole in Stowe was being planned so CREW eliminated the pool component. Then we started raising money, securing a piece of land through a generous donation of cash to purchase it, looking at building types, working with Paul Trudell - our architect, and started the permitting process. 6 years after the first meeting CREW had a building.

2. Where did you get the funding for the project?
Private donations, several grants from both public money and private foundations, fundraisers, businesses, donations of gifts for raffles. The area banks have been very good supporters of CREW.

3. Did you think it would take so long to get the funds raised to do the project?
I actually thought it would take longer. We I first started on this project I thought it might take 10 years or so.

4. Are there any interesting stories connected to the sources of funds you received?
Every donation has an interesting story. We have had items donated, gifts from a foundation for a woman who died in the World Trade Center attack, a girl who turned 13 after having childhood leukemia donated her birthday money to CREW, bottle drive money, and another girl donated her Batmitzva money. The story of Pam's Pond is about Pam Cole (local artist, hockey player and founding board member John Connell's wife) who died in a tragic car accident in 2000. Her new baby, Georgia, survived but is still recovering from the accident. A large donation from a family friend was received to name the rink after Pam.

5. Why are you particularly interested in this project?
I have always been an advocate for community recreation in Lamoille County going back to the founding of the Catamount Trail through the county. My children are all interested in all sports. There were many kids and families who were not involved in sports because their families could not afford the cost or the time to drive to Burlington or Montpelier or Essex to take advantage of their facilities. In my job I saw Lamoille County families and money leaving the region because there was nothing here. The CREW facility was developed to provide opportunities for all children and families, to keep local money and families here, and to encourage all kids to participate. Side benefits projected are: reduced crime rate, reduced teen pregnancies, reduced drug and alcohol use, healthier families, less cost.

6. What do you think this facility will offer five to ten years from now?
Complete Phases 1 and 2 (fitness center upstairs)
Established trails
Lighted ballfield
Nature area along shore line
2 picnic shelters as planned
Boathouse as planned
Possible pool (indoor or outdoor seasonal)
Possible lodging component for year round camps, retreat, professional training
Possible second building for year round indoor soccer plus events and the original building for year round ice
All trails leading to and from CREW with an established rail trail connector
Clean up of Lake Lamoille to make it swimmable

7. Who were the main people behind the project?
There were lots of people involved with the development of CREW. Everyone played very important rolls from coordination, to outreach to fundraising, to providing funds.
Key players:
Paul Trudell, Architect
Dave Polow, Attorney
Concept II - Supporter
Union Bank - Finance
Larry Gluckman - first treasurer and organizational work
Myself, John Connell and Eddie Gale as incorporators and founding board members
All of the board of directors through the years
Morrisville Water and Light
All donors
Local businesses

Now that CREW is operational, the key players are the current board of directors with Millie Merrill as president, and Kelly Miller, CREW's first full time executive director, will carry out the goals of the organization and run the facility.


P.O. Box 1366 704 Bridge Street Morrisville, VT 05661
(802) 888-0166
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